Meet Sharon

I am passionate about helping people live healthy lives, inside and out.

I left the corporate world to build a business that helps me make a bigger impact – now I am able to change people’s lives by improving their health and giving them the ability to create a lifestyle they love.

I love what I do, the people I do it with and the life I am creating – and I’d love to share it with you!

My Story

Health, happiness, freedom and choice!

As a mum to two gorgeous, very busy girls, I understand the difficulty of finding time to exercise, prepare healthy meals and generally live a healthy, well-balanced life. I’ve spent most of my life helping people manage change and improve their personal effectiveness in the corporate world and now get to combine that with my passion for health and wellness. I help people create sustainable lifestyle changes that fit around what is important to them – from family, to performing at their best in a challenging career.

80% of how we look on the outside is based on nutrition. Eating the right foods, eliminating toxins and improving your gut health is crucial to support our immune system and mental health.

Our energy levels, moods, skin health, body shape and more, are all determined by what we put in and on our bodies – so good nutrition and using toxic-free products is vital for healthy, happy lives!

What do I do?

  • Coach you to achieve your personal health goals by creating healthy lifestyle habits
  • Help people create a toxic-free lifestyle to support better health
  • Collaborate with other professionals (gym owners, naturopaths, personal trainers, stylists etc.) to educate, empower and improve people’s health and lifestyle
  • Mentor others to have more flexibility and choices in their life
  • Use my skills in health and leadership to create a positive, tangible difference in the lives around me

You won’t meet anyone more passionate about what they do than I am. Every day is a joy when you get to walk alongside people and support them to create a life by design, watching them experience increased energy, better health, financial stability and lifestyle flexibility.

I’ve always loved helping people my Health Coaching business, together with my Arbonne business, gives me the opportunity to combine my passion for health and wellness with my purpose, which is helping others. I now spend my time coaching people on how to take control of their lives, make changes and become the best versions of themselves – being healthy, happy and fulfilled every day.  I feel grateful that I get to pay this forward to others.

In the Community

Collaborating with amazing people, giving back and making a difference is one of the greatest gifts my business has given me.

I love helping people to live healthier and happier while supporting causes I am passionate about.

Our Team

I get to work with some of my best friends and some of the most supportive, inspiring people I’ve ever met. I’m so grateful to have an amazing team who are also passionate about helping others, which fuels me every day to achieve more. What I love the most about my business, and what gives me the most satisfaction, is seeing the difference this business has made to other people’s lives.

Whether it’s freedom from the 9-5, the flexibility to design your work around your life, freedom to build your own business, rather than building for someone else, or financial freedom to live out your dreams, this is what gets me out of bed, excited every morning. I have a BIG vision and I can’t wait to pay this forward.


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