About the Makeup Range

The makeup that you put on your skin is just as important as the skincare products you use and the nutrients that you put in your body.  Most makeup products on the market contain talcs, animal byproducts and mineral oils which can dehydrate and damage your skin and ingredients such as parabens, petroleum by-products and perfumes that are detrimental to your health. (Watch my video to learn more)

Arbonne makeup is botanically inspired, featuring cutting edge formulations along with pure, safe and beneficial ingredients – free from toxic chemicals and is Vegan Certified.  It acts as an extension of your skincare regime — supporting healthy looking skin while also giving you a flawless looking finish for day or night.

The Arbonne makeup advantage is that it cares for your skin with moisturising botanicals and age defying ingredients, enhancing what’s already beautifully yours.

I often work with makeup artists who LOVE using the Arbonne products – not just because it gives a great result, but they know that it is protecting their client’s skin.

The products feel amazing to use, and have a a mix of moisturising botanicals and age-defying ingredients for skin that look and feel great!

If you care about what you put in your body, think about what you are putting on your skin everyday – is it time to make a change?